About us

BUD Security Ltd. was founded as a fully owned subsidiary of Budapest Airport PrC., on July 1st 2013. Its headquarter is at Budapest Airport Terminal 2.

The company is providing security services and other operational services to Budapest Airport and external parties with its more than 600 employees at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport.

Our Mission

BUD Security Ltd.’s main mission is to create security considering the customer experience and partners’ cooperation.

 We wish to transfer our knowledge about establishing secure environment of companies and buildings based on many years of experience at Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport and provide recurrent training fulfilling a high level of global standards.

 To satisfy the growing demand we work focusing on high quality, responsibility, efficiency and client’s need.


Importance of Security

We are clearly aware of the importance of the security activities therefore we provide our services according to the international regulations.

 The result of the service is not only the qualified personnel but also the appropriate use of know-how can have an effect on time and financial returns. An effective system can lead to easier and faster processes, which could result in an advantage in the market competition.    



  • Continuous Trainings for more than 600 Employees
  • 20.000 Hours of Trainings in Aviation Industry
  • Training for Security Staff Working in Various Industries
  • 10 Qualified Trainers


  • Screening of persons: 9.000.000 persons/ year
  • Baggage screening: 20.000.000 pieces/ year
  • Vehicle screening: 210.000 units/ year